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Frankie Bastone, uncle frank to those who know him best, opened a storefront restaurant in the Bronx in 1969. His family-style meals, made with recipes taught to him by his mother back home in the hills of Calabria Italy, soon made Frankie the toast of the town. As word about Frankie’s cooking continued to spread, the pine restaurant was transformed from the Bronx’s “best kept secret”, to the landmark restaurant it is today. The tradition of serving quality Italian cuisine lives on through our culinary masters who still create the unique flavors of the pine using the freshest homegrown herbs and ingredients. Please join us for a meal from mama Bastone’s kitchen served to you in the warmth and friendly atmosphere of our dining room.

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Visti our Other Location Pine Bar & Grill

1913 Bronxdale Avenue | Bronx, New York 10462 | Call Us: (718) 792-5956
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